Hi, I’m Kristin.  I run a financial business with my husband, Greg. I’m the mother of 3 handsome boys Christian, Cameron and Jaden and I really enjoy photography.  I wanted a place to plant my creativity so I decided a blog would do.  Why the name, Pink Lemons….first of all I love lemons; in decorating, fashion, I love the color, but man are they sour.  One day I was having a conversation with my oldest son about pink lemonaid and he asked what made pink lemonaid pink?  I really didn’t know so I googled it and low and behold there are actually pink lemons, who knew?   Lemons get a bad wrap, you know the phrase “when life gives you lemons,  make lemonaid” or “when life gives you lemons freeze them and throw them at someone.” (Please don’t do that). I say “when life gives you lemons, remember they are yellow, the color of sunshine, better yet paint them pink”.IMG_0065.jpeg