Fall Pattern Mixing with Leota

Fall Pattern Mixing with Leota

I love color and pattern mixing.  I always get asked how I choose what to mix.  Honestly I don’t really think about it.  I am unapologetically myself and I really don’t follow many fashion rules.  Having said that if I look back at outfits that I’ve put together usually there is a common color involved when I pattern mix.  In the case of this Leota Dress, I knew immediately that I wanted to pair it with something Leopard. Another way to pattern mix is to mix the scales.  The scale of the leopard spots is bigger then that of the flowers in this Enchanting print.


I love using Leopard in the Fall and it would be absolutely tragic if Leopard ever got tacky.  Wait its not tacky, is it?!?! I think that given the right stripe you could actually style this dress with a striped jacket if you are really bold!  But this Leota Jacket would be really cool as well even with the Top thats in this Enchanting Print.


The fabric on this Maya Dress is really versatile, I dressed it down with these camel colored suede booties and a denim cropped jacket. I styled it on my instagram with just heels for a dressier look.

While, the Leota team graciously sent me this beautiful dress, I have mentioned before that I fell in love with the brand from buying a couple of pieces in the Cheesecake Boutique in Upper Arlington.  Jessica at CB is a genius at finding fits for your body type and the bonus with Leota is that most of the fabrics travel really well.



Oh I forgot to mention that founder, Sarah Carson uses women of all shapes and sizes in her campaigns, which I absolutely love!  I love what she says on her site, “Dry cleaning is expensive so we make our product machine washable.  They are wrinkle free because we have better things to do than iron.”

Thank You! #Leotainthewild




My Inner Animal

My Inner Animal

I have two animal print looks that I shot last week, but what I’m going to write about has nothing to with them so this will be a two for one. I’ve mentioned before that my 5 year old, Jaden has sensory issues as well as adhd…well this morning I thought he was going to get out of the door fine. We got him up, he took his supplement (Vayarin) that helps him focus and stay somewhat under control, he got dressed…no problem. Then as we were leaving he got cold and all heck broke loss because he remembered that they only let them wear school approved uniform jackets or sweaters in class and he went all animal (nice way of putting it). We managed to put him in the car and I start to back up as he is ripping his seat belt off and screaming “you were never my best friend” (that’s the current insult of choice and it lasted for the 7 minute drive). I pull up to the school drop Christian off, go to the other line and to drop off Cameron and him, by this point he’s sobbing because my response to him screaming at me was “well then I’ll go home and take back all the stuff I’ve ever given you since we aren’t friends.” He and Cameron go to get out and I hand him his lunch, he then throws it at me so I throw it out of the car onto the sidewalk. Mom of the year right here! Why am I telling you all this? Because it’s hard being a mom sometimes and I constantly beat myself up but I know deep down that we all have days like this and I never want to be that person to pretend like I have it all together because I most certainly do not! I hadn’t gotten ready yet so I cried all the way home pulled myself together and went back to the school to make sure he was ok. As he was walking down to the office he smiled at me and I told the lady walking him down that we had a bad morning and I didn’t want his day to go poorly. He looked at me and said I’m fine and gave me a big hug. I needed that hug.

Now for some cute clothes. Pink lemons.

I styled two animal print looks at Thread while I was there. (My readers still have a 15% off discount with the code Pinklemons15).

This outfit is a little more of a date night look. I like putting leggings with lightweight fabrics in the fall for the wide range of temps we can see in one day.

The L’agence maxi is available online and in store. I’m kinda obsessed with this brand right now. The leggings are a little mush on their own for me but work perfect with the maxi. Both shoes and hat are new arrivals at Thread and are available in store!

Booties give the dress more of an easy vibe.

Keep Me Beautiful

Keep Me Beautiful

Makeup should be an enhancement, not something to fix your flaws.  Don’t get me wrong, I have struggled with insecurities over the years but, deep down I know that’s its purpose.  I have really been thinking about how we as women are so critical of ourselves and each other.  I did a video in my stories on the way over to Mukha Spa and Custom Cosmetics and talked a little bit about the fact that we shouldn’t be afraid to be seen without makeup on.


Tim Maurer and I have crossed paths many times over the past several years when we are at the TV Station for our Businesses and I finally wanted to give his Salon a try.  I knew he had great products but truthfully I am always worried about getting my makeup done because. #1 my skin is sensitive and #2 I am always worried I will end up looking like a clown.  Some of those makeup counters in the mall seriously scare me and if I ever look that extra please call me out.  But seriously changing our routine is hard with anything but I think especially for hair and makeup.  Tim generously offered to set me up to try his salon out and let me just say I am a genuine raving fan.  When you do things as right as they do its no wonder they are so successful.  Several things stood out to me that the staff said about Tim, he has a great heart and that he likes things done right.  My appointment started with a style with Damon,who really gave me a consultation before he got started and answered a lot of questions that I had.  What I especially loved about the finished product is that he styled it similar to how I do so that made me feel like Im on track.  He also told me some helpful advice.  I asked him about the length of my hair and his response was very honest. He said its not an impactful length, he would take it up to my shoulders and give it a WOW cut or he would help me grow length into it and I thought he was spot on.  I think sometimes we go in to a salon and they ask us how we feel but they don’t always give suggestions or maybe we don’t ask them to give us any, but YOU SHOULD!  I always say, “let the artist be an artist.”


After my hair I sat down with Sierra and Amanda for my makeup appointment and OH MY GOODNESS!  I am completely obsessed with the products that they have.  Tim has created all of the products used and they are natural.  When I washed my face the next day my skin felt dramatically different.  I can’t even explain it, it just felt clean.  He custom blends eyeshadows and lipglosses.  I didn’t have time to shop after but I will be back when I have time to narrow down what I want because I seriously could have just said give me one of everything.  Just to prove how serious I am about his stuff….I didn’t buy anymore of my “favorite foundation” because when I run out Im going to be making the switch!

The look of one happy customer that will be back again to this awesome salon in the Short North area of Columbus.


This sweater is so comfy and on sale!


Feeling Confident and ready to take on my day!  Thanks so much Tim!


Services provided complimentary by Mukha Spa and review is based on my opinion and experience. I was not compensated monetarily to give this review.



I recently got to go in to the amazing Thread store in the Short North that just opened. I have to say this area of High Street has really become a happening place here in Columbus. There are so many shops that you could really spend a whole afternoon meandering around.

Walking up to the Short North Thread location you can immediately see that lots of thought went into the overall esthetic of the store. It’s modern but has very trendy industrial accents. I think they are definitely living up to the mission of “delivering a remarkable experience by being a presence in the community”. I just love a cool local story and going into a store that feels like an experience.

Shopping should be fun, it shouldn’t be dreading the way things are going to fit or going to the same old place and buying the same old thing that you have always worn. I really went into the store thinking I’m going to try on at least one outfit that isn’t necessarily “me”. I sure did do that with this Red Skirt by Staci Snider. Peter, the sales associate at Thread did a great job of describing the designer and what her inspiration is.

I didn’t walk away with the skirt but I am seriously considering going back to pick it up because it was just so beautiful and interesting. I tried it on with a long sleeved cropped tee first by David Lerner that can be purchased directly online or in store at Thread.

I also had to try it styled sporty with a simple ruched top. There aren’t many stores where you can have this much fun with high end fashion in town so the couple that I found I will be highlighting in the coming months on my blog!

Fashion is kind of an art, its what we use to say who we are. When I was reading the about section on Threads site I loved how it said that Miranda really takes time to find designers to make her boutique carefully curated. Miranda and I got to chat for a little bit and she is as lovely as her store.

More on this gorgeous wine colored top later but, it is a new arrival so here is the link.

Every couple of years I invest in a couple of staple pieces and one that I have been searching for is a BLAZER. I am not very tall (5’4″) and I have a short torso so I have been on the lookout for one that makes me appear taller. Well I found it!!! This blazer by L’Agence had me as soon as I saw it on the rack. The darts on the front pull the eye in and create an amazing illusion.

The pockets are also at a slant which adds to the slimming lines. The sleeves have a really nice slit detail or you can roll them up as well. The blue coated jeans by L’Agence as amazingly soft and stretchy. I am a hippy girl so it’s nice to find jeans that fit my hips but don’t gap in the waist. The Navy are almost sold out online but they have them in store and they also come in this rich chestnut color. My Gucci belt dresses it up even more. The belt was a gift from my Hubby from my trip to Venice a couple of weeks ago but one trick I have for getting pricey accessories is buy using credit card rewards, those things add up if you put everything on them (and pay off the card every month of course).

This silk top is also by L’Agence and is just divine! It’s sold out on their site but hey that’s another reason to visit the store in Grandview or at their new Short North Location. I really need an excuse to get over to the store again, although this store could seriously get me in a lot of trouble. Thread has generously supplied you all with a 15% off code Pinklemons15. Have fun shopping and tell your friends!

Photography by the amazing Chad DiBlasio, Makeup and Hair Provided By Mukha Spa

BIA Parade of Homes

BIA Parade of Homes

****SPOILER ALERT****there are some inside peeks at the BIA Parade of Homes Houses. Also there is a ticket giveaway at the end of this blog post (pink lemons right?!)

The BIA Parade of Homes is located in Jerome Township at Eversole Run.  When you first arrive at this exclusive neighborhood you get an instant feeling of privacy and seclusion. Greg and I love going to the Parade of Homes, last year we missed it. With school and sports starting, we just never made it there.  The Foundation home was built by 3 Pillar Homes and I will be doing a separate blog all about what that means and some of the very innovative designs that they have incorporated into this years home.

Bob Webb Homes

I want to start by saying that I was thrilled to get a preview into whats to come next week and thought it would be cool to share some sneak peeks with my readers.  I also have 4 sets of 2 tickets to give away! (children 12 and under are free, no cash value, and these are not for resale)

The first home to be completed was by Bob Webb Homes, home so I have the most images of it.  My first impression walking up to the property was that it is very inviting.  I love that it has a really cool breezeway to the carrige garage and a courtyard into the main garage

(It was a cloudy day the day I went so photo Credit for these images go to Bob Webb Homes. How cool is that “Messy Kitchen”!?! I really think that taking it to a full kitchen level makes it so functional for a family that likes to entertain.  I know I always miss out on mingling at the end of a meal because the mess is there and you don’t want it in the middle of all the fun happening.  With the messy kitchen you can just stick it all back there till the end or even keep the extra pre prepped food back there until you need it.

Check out this master Bath and Closet….seriously!  The design is so simple but glam at the same time.


Like this PB Teen Room which is very similar to my boys room. I think Pottery barn kids and PBTeen do a good job of creating fun but classy kids bedding (click the link for purchasing the bedding)


I could go on and one there are so many cool details in this home.  You just have to see them all for yourself.  Below are my favorite highlights

Here are a few other highlights from the Parade that i really thought were right on trend.


The exterior stone of this Romanelli and Hughes home was actually quite beautiful before it was painted but the white takes it up a notch. I spoke with Brad Hughes for a little while about their process as well as their designer Allen Baker of Baker Designs, LTD.  Allen really did a good job bringing the design full circle from the inside all the way out.  Wait till you see the back patio area, it’s AMAZING!

This Fan in The 3 Pillar Homes Foundation home was still in heavy construction we I saw it but I think its going to be a real treat to see complete this weekend.  I think it looks modern but organic at the same time.  I enjoyed chatting with the owner, Zenios about the design and cool features of his home and I will be doing a separate Blog all about it once the parade kicks off.


I was really impressed by the upgraded features in this Arthur Gutenberg Homes House but I only got one inside shot as it was also in heavy construction. Check out the texture on the shower tile, I love the movement in it.  Their Director of sales, David Brentley told me that a lot of the details in this home are standard.  Once you see it you will find out how crazy that is.



The last house that I went to was the Coppertree Homes Model.  Kimberly Woods gave this home a warm cozy feel that I think is very live-able.  As a mom of 3 kids I think about function when I’m decorating a space because I don’t want to always be fussing at my boys as they are romping around.  I think that it’s fitting that it is the Christmas home as well because the style lends itself to that really well.




Make sure you stop by the BIA Parade of Homes to BE INSPIRED.

September 1 – September 16, 2018
Yes, the Parade of Homes will be open on Labor Day
Monday- Friday noon -7:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

More info available on the BIA Parade of Homes website.

Ok now for the Giveaway:

I have 4 sets of (2) tickets to giveaway (provided by the BIA Parade of Homes, no cash value, not for resale).  Drop me a comment about your favorite space in your home on my Instagram @kristin__taylor or Facebook Pink Lemons and follow me if you would like and you be entered.  This is not a sponsored post.  The contest ends at 10PM EST on Sunday, September 2, 2018.

Winner will be announced Sunday, September 2, 2018 by 11 PM EST*


*Official rules  “no purchase necessary” open to US residents 18 and older, there are no conditions to be entered, as only a comment is necessary for capturing names.  The number of eligible entries received determine the odds of winning. The winners will be selected through a random generation formula.  Entries will be collected from August 28, 2018 until Sunday, September 2, 2018 at 10 PM EST and the 4 winners will be announced Sunday, September 2, 2018 by 11 PM EST. Tickets will either be mailed or Picked up on Tuesday September 4, 2018. Void where prohibited by law.  These tickets have no cash value and cannot be resold.