Tuscany at Home with Plated.

I love a good meal out at a nice restaurant.  Lets get real though, there is not a thing fun about going out during the week with three boys.  I have mentioned before that I run a financial planning practice with my husband so I am very busy Monday-Friday.  Couple that with three little boy’s school schedules (I can’t believe its almost that time again!!), sports and church and the weeks just fly by.

Plated. is a home delivered cooking experience.  As a busy mom, the best part of Plated is that I can skip the grocery store and come home to everything I need to cook a fresh meal for my family without any hassle.  When I first heard about the company and looked over the site I was super impressed by all of the options.  The servings in this dish were very large and filling for all five of us.

I was thrilled to get a box from Plated with Gnocchi Pomodoro to try out.  Pasta al pomodoro refers to the Tuscan specialty with tomatoes (pomodoro, in italian), basil, and olive oil.  This dish includes pillow-soft gnocchi and fresh, tender mozzarella.


Kate spade apron available here or here is a pineapple version.

The box came cold packed with everything you need for the dish.  I think this is the perfect solution to busy weeknights.  My boys don’t really like fast food so they were excited to try this out as well.  Here is a great tip that is right on the card, “read through the entire recipe before starting”. and “Enlist the help of little hands”.

Gnocchi Pomodoro with Summer Squash, Basil and Fresh Mozzarella 

Step One: Prepare ingredients


Step 2: Sauté squash


Step 3: Sauté tomatoes

Fun Fact, cherry tomatoes are used in sauce in some parts of Italy.  We went to Sorento a couple of years ago and were told that is the secret to the amazing sauce.

Step 4: Simmer pomodoro sauce


Step 5: Cook the gnocchi

Step 6: Finish, Plate and Enjoy!



The full recipe is available on the Plated. site here. Put pinklemons in the promo code box for a 40% discount (see signup on plated website for details)

Buon Appetito!

*update* See the video here


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