Outdoor Reveal: Your Home extends Outside

It’s interesting to me how life’s circumstances can do one of two things; make our outlook very grim or show us exactly how God is working in our life.KAT_2972f.jpg


I would like to introduce myself by talking about something that happened very recently.


We were in the process of building what would be our dream home and currently living on a beautiful 6 acre property that was getting to be too much work.  Long story short we found a builder that we liked and after about a nine month process of getting our plans just right we are ready to close. The very weekend before we are supposed to close we found out that our builder had skipped town. The Initial thought was absolute horror because he had taken with him our sizable down payment. “What did this mean?” “What was gonna happen?” We thought there no way we are going to get our dream home now.  Interestingly enough,  we were driving through the neighborhood after we found out and the one house that we said we would buy if it ever came on the market… had a FOR SALE sign.  We scrambled to call our Realtor, Kim to see the home.  It’s funny because even though I was anxious to get more space and less yard to deal with,  I was really sad about leaving the property that I had made my own through lots of landscaping and outdoor seating areas.  The previous homeowners had done quite a bit of landscaping at this house and that was one of the reasons why we loved it so much.KAT_2866f.jpg

We got the house and sold our property very fast! Life gave us Lemons and God painted them pink!

KAT_2993f copy

We moved in just before the end of the fall and it was nice that this past fall we actually had very warm weather.  I was able to finish up some of the outdoor projects before winter hit and this spring I have added a few more plants.  Its really like a little oasis without all the work we had before.  Thank goodness for Pinterest because a lot of my ideas have come from there.  I really like layering textures and colors.  Hydrangea is my favorite but I use Knockout Roses, Arborvitae, Peonies, Clematis and many more.

I Love the Back of my Home!  I really liked having pool parties for the kids at my previous place so I’m glad we have the pool close to the house now.  The Lemon is such a cute float!  I actually found it at Sam’s Club, if you have a membership buy it here!

TableDrink Stand, , Mason JarLemon PlatesPlace Mats
Sofas and Chair Coffee TableLanternPB Classic Stripe Pillows

I Bought most of the Outdoor furniture at Pottery Barn but there are a couple of chairs from Pier One.  Straders Garden Center is my absolute favorite place to get flowers, plants and trees, Al is the Manager at the Grove City Location and is very helpful! (My landscaper is Justin Rogers of TopNotch Landscaping).  Feel free to contact me on any sources I can help with!

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