Little Blue Box

Who doesn’t love those little blue boxes? I love the idea of a sentimental gift. I recently went in to Tiffany & Co. at Easton Town Center to check out some new arrivals.  Whether you have a small budget or you have no limit there is something about giving a gift with meaning. The most meaningful gift my husband has given me from Tiffany & Co. is a gift that’s been added on to for the last 10 years. I first received my Tiffany & Co. Blue charm bracelet at Christmas time with a blue enamel box, a high heel shoe and a purse. He said he picked those three because they were my favorite things. I’m sorry in advance but I am going to name some of them all and when I got them not to brag but to show how special they are. There have been holidays where we were trying not to spend much on gifts and years where I was totally spoiled but collectively I have a piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time and be able to be inherited by my boys to pass on to their wives.


For Christmas the next year, Christian picked out a lollipop and Cameron picked out a Cupcake (I think they picked these because they think that I’m sweet). Now here’s the funny thing, they got me a pig for Mother’s Day…so maybe it was because I eat too many sweets. Jaden loves his me so much he got me a boy silhouette and then the ducky for his first Christmas Gift to me. Greg gave me a heart with sapphires for our second Valentine’s Day together. I picked out the Clock that I have along with the silver link necklace on a trip to Beverly Hills where I got to go to a private lunch with the famous chef Wolfgang Puck (I will try to dig out that picture and add it in later). I got a shovel and bucket in The Grand Cayman which had a Tiffany’s right in our hotel at the Ritz Carlton, a pineapple and flipflop for our trip to Maui, a scooter in Italy, a ballet slipper in Spain, a taxi from a New York trip…then most of the rest of them are from birthdays and other holidays. My newest favorite is the “New Yorkie” yorkie that Greg got me when he had to go out of town without me. Since we own a business together we usually travel to meetings together unless we cant get the kids care organized.

Tiffany Blue clasping link bracelet (various charms) / Paper Flower Pendant

Don’t get me wrong Christmas is not about the gifts we get but I think that for the most part if you read my blog you do get gifts from someone or are giving them out.  I will be linking some things that Lori and I pulled so that you can drop those Subtile hints to whoever is doing the gift-giving. Let’s say you have a budget of less than $200 then you could easily get something like these Ball earrings that would be memorable and significant, If budget isn’t an issue then these HardWear triple drop earrings are show stoppers.

Gucci Coat / Tiffany Infinity Square Sunglasses / HardWear earrings

The whole process of shopping at Tiffany & Co. is amazing.  Greg and I usually work with Bob on any new purchaces or servicing things but everyone in the store is more then helpful and I have never encountered anyone that is pushy or doesn’t listen.  Lori, the Store Manager assisted me in picking out pieces for this shoot and she really listened to what I was envisioning.  I love that Tiffany pieces are so versatile and timeless.  Ive bragged about them on my Radio Show before because they have gone out of their way for us.  I once noticed that my Clock charm wasn’t working and it was discontinued so they sent it off to New York and literally remade it for me.  When I came in to pick it up it literally looked like a brand new charm.

Tote / Tiffany Keys knot key pendant / Tiffany bar Pendant


This mens watch is on my wrist, is a splurge, so I’m linking these collar stays or this pen as great gifts for your guy. Really try to think about what your significant other likes, one tip Lori gave me what to remember that some Items can be great gifts for men or women like the pendent necklaces.  I also really liked this stainless steel ring.

Tiffany T Square bracelet / Tiffany T Two bangle / Tiffany T Ring / Metro Rings

Tiffany & Co. have lots of great object gifts as well that are good for heirloom gift giving.

Bear / Bear Charm / Book

I love this Tiffany X Globe-Trotter suitcase and I have yet to see one traveling yet, the porcelain paper cup is the cutest thing for a coffee drinker (raising my hand) and I am a sucker for silk scarfs.  Another great gift was spotted on a table near this picture that I took with Lori, this alarm clock.ColumbusFashionBlogger-KristinTaylor-Shoot3-DiBlasioPhotography-61

Im going to have to have to go home and contemplate what’s on my list for Christmas!




*The clothing in this blog are link via affiliate links however the Tiffany & Co links are not.

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