I had time in-between meetings today when l was driving down Lane Avenue in Upper Arlington I started reflecting on myself and realized a few things. (I happened to have my camera too so that was a bonus!)  I’m gonna share one of them today.  I have in some ways held myself back not even realizing it.  My sister got married this weekend (Yay!) and one of the things our Dad said about her is so true, “When Shelby says she is going to do something…she does it”.   I have always thought she was amazing in so many different ways but that comment right there summed it up.  She is confident!  I think I have a little of that but, I somehow revert back to this place of feeling that I am so different that I try to fit in.  I need to remind myself that my differences make me unique, they make me interesting and they make me special….and thats ok!  Pink Lemons Right?!?

I bought this outfit last week, totally out of the realm of my normal style but its kinda saucy!  Red is the ultimate confidence color and Linen is extremely comfortable.






Banana Republic jacket can be found here and Banana Republic jumpsuit here. (I know there aren’t many sizes left but this romper version is cute!  The espadrilles are old Kate spade but here are some cute ones! Necklace can be found here at Tiffany and Co. (this is not sponsored) go see Bob at the Easton Store if you live in Columbus he will take good care of you!


Black and White

Black and White

Ok not to be cheesy but todays outfit kinda reminded me of something.  Life isn’t always Black or White…  Im not talking about right or wrong because there are definitely lines in the sand there, Im thinking more about how we feel.  (I was thinking about the verse where God says he’d rather we be Hot or Cold just not lukewarm)  I have to admit my   attitude about almost everything has been so bleh lately.  Think about it coffee is great Hot or Iced Cold just not room temperature.  Although I’ve let somethings get to me Ive not been angry but I’ve not been happy go lucky either. I am so very blessed and I have the ability to choose my outlook no matter the circumstances. Today I choose happy.IMG_0065KAT_0898

I think I fit every possible trend in this outfit (Tweed, Lace, Velvet, Leather, and Suede!!!)

This Jacket is my favorite purchase this fall  I love the quality and how versatile it is, Talbots really hit it out of the park.  The velvet trim on this lace top is very sweet (currently 25% off)!  The leather skirt is from a few years back but current version is linked.

KAT_0891.jpgThese Kate Spade shoes also come in vintage rose.  I love anything with cute details like these pearls and ties.



Casual Friday 

I have totally completely been MIA from my blog the last month but I promise it will get better.  I looked busted for like 2 weeks from a stupid summer cold…then my husband and I were super busy with plans at our practice…then my dog ate my homework….lol….but seriously we had a lot happening and since this is just for fun it took a back seat.  Unfortunately we lost Greg’s Dad last Friday and laid him to rest just yesterday so of course we were spending lots of time with his mom.  I stopped into Talbots on Lane Avene and ….WOW is all I can say about the collection. And I did some theroputic shopping this dress is just a cute little running around number but the sleeves make it!  

They had 25% off so I also picked up another dress, a couple of pants and a jacket.  Don’t pass up this collection it’s really back to the high quality design and fabric that made me a fan years ago.  


Hot Pink

Hot Pink

I absolutely love bright pink, so when I saw this dress pop up on the Nordstrom Anniversary sale I knew I had to have it!  Everyone that knows me knows that I love Kate Spade, but Ted Baker carries very similar styles and colors.  This dress also comes in black.  My shoes are old Stuart Weitzman but here is the style and I think these sandals would look great as well.  My earrings were a very special gift a couple years ago from Leo Alfred (they make a lot of custom pieces) but here and here are similar styles for less.  Finally, you can’t have a good work look without a pretty computer case, similar style here.

In other news I bought this kit for my nails and I love it!  With a business and 3 kids it’s hard for me to go get my nails done so it’s nice to be able to be able to knock it out myself at home!


Paint your Lemons Pink today!

Curly Girl

Curly Girl

So lets talk about natural hair!  I had big bouncy curls as a child and then when I was 10 I was taken to get my first relaxer….BIG MISTAKE!  I continued getting relaxers till about 7 years ago when I met Becky at the Kenneth’s in Dublin.  She convinced me to grow the relaxers out and I am so glad that I did because honestly I still had to flat iron my hair when I wanted it straight but now I don’t have all of the chemical damage.  I don’t think I have the best curls but thats what the good Lord gave me to work with so I have just learned to embrace it.

The only downside to going natural is that when the humidity is high there is no keeping my hair straight….it just gets puffy.   July is usually super hot in Ohio so I was on the hunt recently for a new curly product to use.  I am mixed so typically products for Caucasian hair don’t work that great for me but on the flip side some Black hair products are too heavy.  Whats a girl to do!  I saw Ouidad at Ulta and instantly the Marketing compelled me because of the diversity they showed in the models!  I walked out with these three products as well as a shampoo sample pack just incase I didn’t like it.  I have kinky curls but I also bought the beach wave foam.


Wave Create, Curl Immersion, Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask, and The Trial Kit

My process was to wash and apply the Melt Down Mask for 30 min.  Then I rinsed with cold water and applied the Immersion section by section and dry with a defuser attached to my GHD Dryer .  Here is the finished look,  I will say that if I do curls for a week usually the curls get better after a couple washes. The pic makes them look a little frizzy but they really aren’t its just back lit.

KAT_6582 copy.jpg

Old Kate Spade Dress, my shoes are Classic Salvatore Ferragamo Kala pumps in Navy which are fairly hard to find but I did see that Zappos has some right now.  Usually Bloomingdales restocks them.

Here is a pic from today all I did was put a tiny bit of water in to reform the curls on top but Im really happy with this because usually I can only get one day out of my curls.


How cute is the Zara top and it is on Sale!!!! Lip stick is Chanel Le Rouge Crayon in Cassis

If you get Lemons today paint them pink!

Her Success is not Your Failure

Her Success is not Your Failure

Im smiling through some of life’s lemons today, I have to be honest. The title says it all and thats what my friend Maggie gave me as encouragement that people aren’t always going to respond the best because unfortunately a lot of times when you have success in their mind it degrades them somehow.

If Blog, Instagram or Facebook posts etc. aggravates you: remember you have a choice to look or not to look.  Gosh that sounds so harsh but how many times, if we are honest has “did you see what she posted”  come out of our mouths.  Just because “she” doesn’t hear it doesn’t mean you aren’t tearing her down. I guess the saying could go the other way as well,”Her failure is not your success”?!

I remember looking at one of those backpack things with the lease on a kid and saying maybe they should just make their child obey.  Boy did I eat my words when I had Jaden. I don’t have one but I seriously contemplated it several times.  The bottom line I learned was parent how I want to parent but if something another mom does different works why not use that success to enrich my parenting.  The same is true in a general sense. I don’t have it all figured out and neither does the next person but I will never look at the success of another woman and think that it creates a failure in my life.  Thats a choice!

IMG_8094.jpgWhen Maggie and I were talking about this tonight it sparked so many thoughts in my head.  About 6 years ago I heard a motivational speaker talk about the crab mentality (if I can’t have it then neither can you).  You see the crabs when caught in a bucket could escape but instead they will grab at each other to prevent the next from escaping preventing any of them from getting out.  Huh?! isn’t that crazy?!  I think Woman are like this in a lot of ways. The bottom line in my mind is beyond the “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all.”  I really think we should look at the next woman and say instead of counting her success as my failure, let me look at it as my opportunity for enrichment.  I have a list of these women in my life some of them really good friends, some friends, some acquaintances, and some just merely those I’ve watched from a distance.  There are several that came to mind tonight while I was taking pictures at our churches Vacation Bible School…so I snuck shots of the ones that were there.

Maggie- I could write a book.  You have helped me raise my boys and taught me patience.  You have been patient with me and loved me through seeing the ugliest parts of me.  Your style is laid back but still cute.  You have a big heart and a wise soul.  I value your opinion above most and admire your faith.

Jules- (not pictured)  Your heart inspires me and your willingness to help anyone is something that has inspired me over the years that I have known you. You are an amazing mom to those 2 girls and I have learned that somethings I can give up control of to have a better quality of life.

Jessica- (not pictured)  You are open and un afraid of the truth even if it stings.  When I first meet you I always admired your ability to make a friend easily and your loyalty to your friends.  Being around you has enriched my personality.  You know how to have fun and you do an amazing job raising your 2 kids to have fun and you do so in a selfless way.

Brianna- Girl you are more organized then I will ever be. I love how you do so many things to support your husband that are unseen by many.  You have preserved through many trials and yet still have faith.  I admire how you have taught your 2 kids to love and to be kind and to be thoughtful of others.  I have taken many parenting notes from you and I will continue to watch how you do things.

Marcia- You have a joy about you that I had never seen when I met you.  I believe you truly would give anyone the shirt off your back and you showed me love when I was so down and feeling bad about my life and i have to say that I am better 8 years later in part, because of you.

Woman that may not know -but I see you….

Cristin- You have a personality that I have never seen, full of joy and life.  I admire your faith and family and can’t wait to see how God will put you in my path over the years as help as he did with you and your Mom already!

Nika- I admire your willingness to be open and share your faith

Kelsey- The first time I met your daughter she was covered head to toe in mud…have my kids ever done that, no but I took a parenting note from you.  I don’t remember exactly what you said but basically it was oh well it will wash up.  I am uptight about messes but what you said was right who cares no big deal it will wash up.  Let them have fun!

Stephanie- Your smile lights up the room and your heart shines right through.  I can appreciate your passion for our church and the kids in it and I am sure I will learn lots from you.

Trisha- again, do you ever have a bad day (I know you do) but I don’t see that you do.  Even through a tremendous opposition you smile and you 3 babies are so blessed to have you as their mom.

Tina- You have encouraged me so many times when I should have been encouraging you.  You have taught me to suck it up and keep moving (without even saying it to me)  You inspire me without even saying a word.

Jenny- I don’t know you well but that is what i notice.  You are quite and sometimes I don’t know when to shut up.  You are raising 3 kind hearted kids with great work ethic and I need some of that secret sauce.  I don’t want to have to google it (inside joke)

Abigail- You and your husband work together in the financial industry so we have something in common.  I feel like we can relate in so many ways.  I can’t wait to see how you will enrich my life.

Jen you successfully manage a home full of 5 spirit filled kids, you have a heart of gold and a forgiving spirit you are wise beyond your years.  You are tenacious and strong!

Stacy and Kayla I love our random conversations,  I love that we can walk by each other and spark a conversation about anything.  I admire both of your dedication to the church as well.

Im sure I didn’t list everyone,  I can say that there is not one lady on the list that is exactly like me or thinks like me.  Actually I would say most are very different.  I chose to let each of their personalities and successes to enrich me.  In other words I want to learn from them and let their successes help me grow as a Wife, a Mother, a Friend and most importantly a person.

When life gives you Lemons, paint them pink. Remember who you are and whose you are and choose to be positive. 





Makeup Routine

Makeup Routine

Ive been trying to do this post for a couple of weeks for the people who were asking but, its been CRAZY!!!  Running a business and keeping up with 3 little boys is a daily challenge but, I think we have finally caught up from vacation.  Im definitely not a pro but I have gotten to consistent makeup results even though I still get “bad makeup days”  kinda like bad hair days lol!

Here goes….

No makeup,  Ive gotten these dark spots over the last couple of years and I know a chemical peel will help but I only do intense skin treatments in the winter (less likely to have a problem from the sun).  I use a Beauty Blender or my Makeup Forever foundation brush for my Ultra HD Liquid Foundation.  Seriously this is the best foundation hands down….ever!!!!  I use their smoothing primer after my Chanel Moisturizer (has no fragrance) and before the foundation.  Tarte Shape Tape concealer is a new found favorite for me I haven’t used any other concealer that sticks as well


A little bit goes a long way,  I mix a red and yellow for my skin but I use one pump at a time but use about a total of 3 pumps.  (With the brush you have to do it in thin layers or you will get streaks).  Next I do my eyebrows (sometimes I do them first) the trick here is to use a thin brush and I love the Anastasia DipBrow.  Lots of patience make the perfect brows.  I make small hair strokes one at a time.  No one tells you this but when you hit 30 you start losing them and magically they grow on your chin…smh!



The Reason I skip to my eyebrows before finishing my face is to give the foundation a chance to settle in before I contour.  I like a dewy look on my face so don’t do a lot of finishing powder I just bake under my eyes (which you will see soon).  I use Anastasia Powder contour kit. I use Nars blushes, Orgasm and Desire are my favorite hues.


Ok I have a eyeshadow palette obsession but currently I love my Tartiest Pro Amazonian Clay Palette, it has so many great colors in it!


If you don’t have this brush go get it….the Sephora Pro Crease.KAT_5064

Ive been baking under my eyes for 2 years now (before it had a name lol)  I love how the Brightening Powder my Laura Mercier gives them an extra boost.  I have tried several brands and this one is the best in my opinion.


I love this mascara by Chanel.  Don’t I make the craziest faces putting my makeup on…I should do an outtake blog post….Big fail!  You have to use the base too it makes a big difference!  Finally I do a subtle red lip typically, this is a great liner (#98) and my favorite lipstick ever is Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle (434)


If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask!


I love that makeup is another way to be artistic.  It definitely gives me confidence as I get older. I don’t think women need makeup to be beautiful but I do think it just adds to our femininity! 

Memorial Day Outfit

I Went into Zara to get these Mickey Shorts and walked out with several tops, here is my favorite one.  I can believe that they were so reasonably priced!  If you haven’t shopped there yet you won’t be disappointed!  My Skirt is from Talbots, I love their stuff because its classic and lasts as long as you want to keep it. My shoes are old Kate Spades but here is a similar pair, I love talbots shoes especially when they have 40% off!!  Im working on a story about our Business trip to Disney, Im hoping to have it done tomorrow.  For Now here is a fun Memorial Day Look.

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Anniversary Dinner

Anniversary Dinner

I bought this Dress for a White party we were having on our trip but when I got it I thought it would also be perfect for our Anniversary.  You can also buy it here or here


KAT_4242s I love the gorgeous collar detail.  Talbots has a similar look on a shell top hereKAT_4246s

I get a lot of compliments on my necklaces the bow is from Tiffany and Co (5th anniversary present) and the pendant and earrings are Hearts on Fire ( I just changed out the chain to rose gold).


A Much Needed Refresh

A Much Needed Refresh

Today was probably one of the most fun days I’ve had with my husband in a while. We got up early and went Golfing at the Punta Espada Golf Club in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We have always tried to support each others hobbies but golf was one that had been frustrating me. I started taking lessons with the Golf Pro, Matt Smith at The Pinnacle Golf Course in Grove City, OH.  In just 3 lessons he has made it much more fun for me.

There were a couple of sentiments that I had today.

#1 Greg, my husband is my best friend.

#2 He is my biggest cheerleader, seriously pompoms and all!!!!

#3 He is one of the most encouraging and positive people I know!

I am so thankful to God for the Friend that I have in my husband, because it has always been hard for me to make good friends. I have had my fair share of “Mean Girls” in my life and recently even had a “Mean Moms” incident.  I was talking to a friend on this trip and we both agreed if we spend less time thinking about what we don’t have and more about what God has blessed us with our lives, marriages and parenting will be so much more on point!

We met this really sweet couple at dinner that came over and said they noticed us praying together and they were encouraged as newlyweds to see that.  It was so sweet to see a young couple understanding that they need Jesus at their center.

Here are a few shots from the day!

My Caddy Roberto was awesome,  he joked with us and really was a fantastic guy.  The other caddy for our foursome laughed when Greg took this picture and said, “Cafe et crema”.  A lot of the Dominican people have thought I was from here.  I even had some come up and speak Spanish to me.  When I told them I wasn’t and that I am mixed, black and white, the one guy said oh Michael Jackson.  I thought it was hilarious!  I always try to get to know people on our travels.  Roberto has 2 Children and our other Caddy was Juan, he has 4 children.  They work very hard and travel far to work at the course.  Ill be praying for them to continue making Golf loads of fun for people like me.

Greg and I came back to our Resort Secrets and got ready for dinner.


But first Coffee


My top is from Talbots and also comes in pink, it is perfect for a breezy evening…very light weight!  Of course I had to get these Jack Rogers sandals when my friend Emily of (Laugh Live and Shop) sent me the link.  These sandals also come in blue and Im not gonna lie I kinda want blue too😊


Sorry but you will see one more pair of these shorts in a couple days.  They are so cute and I love them in every color.  The pink are going fast so grab your size if you can.


I Love novelty bags and this Camera Bag is my favorite so far.  I also have the Camera iPhone case which is currently on sale.  I love the lipstick I’m wearing in this picture.  its Lorac Matte Lip Color in Mauve and my eyes have a magical unicorn look with Tarte Make Believe in Yourself  palette.


We are a little red, I was gonna color correct it but I guess it shows how much fun we had  in the sun today and thats ok…also perfect is boring!