Pre-Mother’s Day

Pre-Mother’s Day

I on purpose am not going to look at what I wrote last year about my mother (bare with me if I repeat anything).  I am curious to see what comes from my heart this time.  When I was little (as you may have read last year) my mother was an addict so she didn't [...]

Lady Like

Hi, I'm still alive...Lots going on with my business in the last few months but I'm back! I have been a long time follower Gal meets Glam by Julia Engel, more of from a distance early on because I was traveling so much and thought her travel content was awesome.  When i found out that [...]

Southwest Senora!

This dress has some major southwest vibes so my Taco Truck purse goes perfect with it.    I think it runs big and long so I got a petite I'm 5'4" for reference. My shoes are old but here is a similar pair or these. The waist is actually embroidered!  I love details like that [...]