Welcome to the Party

Welcome to the Party

If you are one of the lucky ones to get to go to a warm climate for Christmas, you are faced with a dilemma of how to look festive but not be in heavy plaids and sweaters.  I recently went into Lilly Pulitzer of Easton and tried on some options for a vacation or things that could be worn right here in Columbus.  I remember the first time i went into the store I was absolutely so blown away by the bright, friendly staff that I wanted to actually hang out in there with them longer.  There is a party vibe in ever store that you go into and each one is unique.  The first dress I tried on (and subsequently walked out with, lol)  was this gorgeous Maxi called the Kelsea.  I think this dress will be great for a night out here in town but it would be absolutely perfect for a Christmas Soiree.ColumbusFashionBlogger-KristinTaylor-Shoot3-DiBlasioPhotography-74

I always have to have a pop of color if i wear black, its just me so I grabbed this blackberry bamboo velvet clutch to serve as that.  I also threw on the machine Amber Lynn Sandals.


I really wish I would’ve bought the sweater wrap, I may need to go back and pick it up soon.  Im really considering making a trip up to the store or ordering it online while all the free gifts are happening. Lilly Pulitzer rarely goes on sale but the gift with purchase (as of 12/5 there is a travel set) are fun times to pick up wish list items.  Bonus Hint…. The Columbus Easton Town Center store often has sale racks.

The embroidery detail on this silk maxi is gorgeous and the pictures don’t really do it justice. I love that I can wear this dress to a nice event or to the beach and its very light and easy to pack.

Here is another very festive look I tried on is a dress that I own in white already but any time I see something in this bright pink I have to try it on.  The Caroline Tunic is the most feminine silhouette in my opinion.  I think its a very dressy look that’s easy.


The last dress that I tried on was this more casual look.  I know sometimes when I’m with my kids at an event I want to look pretty but I don’t want anything that will stain easily or feel too dressy so I thought that the Amenna was just that.  The Lileeze ™ fabric is machine washable (👌🏼) and is so comfy but the lace details dress it up enough to wear on a date or to a dinner party.  Its not overly holiday if the bright colors aren’t your jam.  I know sometimes I wear basic pieces from Lily and people have know idea that they do have things that aren’t bright colored.


Gold wedges and a the Positano Straw Tote really make it the perfect beach town look.

Last but certainly not the last thing Ill buy there, I tried on a fun casual warm look that is perfect for those 65 degree days that Disney has in the winter.  I love a good Denim Jacket and this special edition Seaspray Denim Jacket is adorable.  I added an Etta tee and these Kelly Skinny Ankle Pants and kicked back on the couch for a few minutes (don’t worry I quickly went back to shopping). ColumbusFashionBlogger-KristinTaylor-Shoot3-DiBlasioPhotography-95

But seriously how fun is this store!?!… and my Earrings!!!


So if you are going on a warm Christmas Vacation or just need a break from Red and Green, pop in to Lily….you will find something fun!




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Fall Pattern Mixing with Leota

Fall Pattern Mixing with Leota

I love color and pattern mixing.  I always get asked how I choose what to mix.  Honestly I don’t really think about it.  I am unapologetically myself and I really don’t follow many fashion rules.  Having said that if I look back at outfits that I’ve put together usually there is a common color involved when I pattern mix.  In the case of this Leota Dress, I knew immediately that I wanted to pair it with something Leopard. Another way to pattern mix is to mix the scales.  The scale of the leopard spots is bigger then that of the flowers in this Enchanting print.


I love using Leopard in the Fall and it would be absolutely tragic if Leopard ever got tacky.  Wait its not tacky, is it?!?! I think that given the right stripe you could actually style this dress with a striped jacket if you are really bold!  But this Leota Jacket would be really cool as well even with the Top thats in this Enchanting Print.


The fabric on this Maya Dress is really versatile, I dressed it down with these camel colored suede booties and a denim cropped jacket. I styled it on my instagram with just heels for a dressier look.

While, the Leota team graciously sent me this beautiful dress, I have mentioned before that I fell in love with the brand from buying a couple of pieces in the Cheesecake Boutique in Upper Arlington.  Jessica at CB is a genius at finding fits for your body type and the bonus with Leota is that most of the fabrics travel really well.



Oh I forgot to mention that founder, Sarah Carson uses women of all shapes and sizes in her campaigns, which I absolutely love!  I love what she says on her site, “Dry cleaning is expensive so we make our product machine washable.  They are wrinkle free because we have better things to do than iron.”

Thank You! #Leotainthewild






I recently got to go in to the amazing Thread store in the Short North that just opened. I have to say this area of High Street has really become a happening place here in Columbus. There are so many shops that you could really spend a whole afternoon meandering around.

Walking up to the Short North Thread location you can immediately see that lots of thought went into the overall esthetic of the store. It’s modern but has very trendy industrial accents. I think they are definitely living up to the mission of “delivering a remarkable experience by being a presence in the community”. I just love a cool local story and going into a store that feels like an experience.

Shopping should be fun, it shouldn’t be dreading the way things are going to fit or going to the same old place and buying the same old thing that you have always worn. I really went into the store thinking I’m going to try on at least one outfit that isn’t necessarily “me”. I sure did do that with this Red Skirt by Staci Snider. Peter, the sales associate at Thread did a great job of describing the designer and what her inspiration is.

I didn’t walk away with the skirt but I am seriously considering going back to pick it up because it was just so beautiful and interesting. I tried it on with a long sleeved cropped tee first by David Lerner that can be purchased directly online or in store at Thread.

I also had to try it styled sporty with a simple ruched top. There aren’t many stores where you can have this much fun with high end fashion in town so the couple that I found I will be highlighting in the coming months on my blog!

Fashion is kind of an art, its what we use to say who we are. When I was reading the about section on Threads site I loved how it said that Miranda really takes time to find designers to make her boutique carefully curated. Miranda and I got to chat for a little bit and she is as lovely as her store.

More on this gorgeous wine colored top later but, it is a new arrival so here is the link.

Every couple of years I invest in a couple of staple pieces and one that I have been searching for is a BLAZER. I am not very tall (5’4″) and I have a short torso so I have been on the lookout for one that makes me appear taller. Well I found it!!! This blazer by L’Agence had me as soon as I saw it on the rack. The darts on the front pull the eye in and create an amazing illusion.

The pockets are also at a slant which adds to the slimming lines. The sleeves have a really nice slit detail or you can roll them up as well. The blue coated jeans by L’Agence as amazingly soft and stretchy. I am a hippy girl so it’s nice to find jeans that fit my hips but don’t gap in the waist. The Navy are almost sold out online but they have them in store and they also come in this rich chestnut color. My Gucci belt dresses it up even more. The belt was a gift from my Hubby from my trip to Venice a couple of weeks ago but one trick I have for getting pricey accessories is buy using credit card rewards, those things add up if you put everything on them (and pay off the card every month of course).

This silk top is also by L’Agence and is just divine! It’s sold out on their site but hey that’s another reason to visit the store in Grandview or at their new Short North Location. I really need an excuse to get over to the store again, although this store could seriously get me in a lot of trouble. Thread has generously supplied you all with a 15% off code Pinklemons15. Have fun shopping and tell your friends!

Photography by the amazing Chad DiBlasio, Makeup and Hair Provided By Mukha Spa