Black and White

Black and White

Ok not to be cheesy but todays outfit kinda reminded me of something.  Life isn’t always Black or White…  Im not talking about right or wrong because there are definitely lines in the sand there, Im thinking more about how we feel.  (I was thinking about the verse where God says he’d rather we be Hot or Cold just not lukewarm)  I have to admit my   attitude about almost everything has been so bleh lately.  Think about it coffee is great Hot or Iced Cold just not room temperature.  Although I’ve let somethings get to me Ive not been angry but I’ve not been happy go lucky either. I am so very blessed and I have the ability to choose my outlook no matter the circumstances. Today I choose happy.IMG_0065KAT_0898

I think I fit every possible trend in this outfit (Tweed, Lace, Velvet, Leather, and Suede!!!)

This Jacket is my favorite purchase this fall  I love the quality and how versatile it is, Talbots really hit it out of the park.  The velvet trim on this lace top is very sweet (currently 25% off)!  The leather skirt is from a few years back but current version is linked.

KAT_0891.jpgThese Kate Spade shoes also come in vintage rose.  I love anything with cute details like these pearls and ties.



Hot Pink

Hot Pink

I absolutely love bright pink, so when I saw this dress pop up on the Nordstrom Anniversary sale I knew I had to have it!  Everyone that knows me knows that I love Kate Spade, but Ted Baker carries very similar styles and colors.  This dress also comes in black.  My shoes are old Stuart Weitzman but here is the style and I think these sandals would look great as well.  My earrings were a very special gift a couple years ago from Leo Alfred (they make a lot of custom pieces) but here and here are similar styles for less.  Finally, you can’t have a good work look without a pretty computer case, similar style here.

In other news I bought this kit for my nails and I love it!  With a business and 3 kids it’s hard for me to go get my nails done so it’s nice to be able to be able to knock it out myself at home!


Paint your Lemons Pink today!

I just got a chance to look at what Nordstrom had for the Anniversary Sale.  Some of my favorite pieces are below.  I only ordered a couple to things, I will post them with they come in!

These are my favorites for work

(they really have a great variety of price points on the sale)

Color Blocked Top
Pink Lace
Knit Dress
HyperFocal: 0
Scalloped Edge Sweater
Polka Dot Blouse

These are my favorite casual pieces

Long Sweater
Silk Top
Asymmetrical Sweater
Basic Tee
Skinny with cool Hem

Curly Girl

Curly Girl

So lets talk about natural hair!  I had big bouncy curls as a child and then when I was 10 I was taken to get my first relaxer….BIG MISTAKE!  I continued getting relaxers till about 7 years ago when I met Becky at the Kenneth’s in Dublin.  She convinced me to grow the relaxers out and I am so glad that I did because honestly I still had to flat iron my hair when I wanted it straight but now I don’t have all of the chemical damage.  I don’t think I have the best curls but thats what the good Lord gave me to work with so I have just learned to embrace it.

The only downside to going natural is that when the humidity is high there is no keeping my hair straight….it just gets puffy.   July is usually super hot in Ohio so I was on the hunt recently for a new curly product to use.  I am mixed so typically products for Caucasian hair don’t work that great for me but on the flip side some Black hair products are too heavy.  Whats a girl to do!  I saw Ouidad at Ulta and instantly the Marketing compelled me because of the diversity they showed in the models!  I walked out with these three products as well as a shampoo sample pack just incase I didn’t like it.  I have kinky curls but I also bought the beach wave foam.


Wave Create, Curl Immersion, Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask, and The Trial Kit

My process was to wash and apply the Melt Down Mask for 30 min.  Then I rinsed with cold water and applied the Immersion section by section and dry with a defuser attached to my GHD Dryer .  Here is the finished look,  I will say that if I do curls for a week usually the curls get better after a couple washes. The pic makes them look a little frizzy but they really aren’t its just back lit.

KAT_6582 copy.jpg

Old Kate Spade Dress, my shoes are Classic Salvatore Ferragamo Kala pumps in Navy which are fairly hard to find but I did see that Zappos has some right now.  Usually Bloomingdales restocks them.

Here is a pic from today all I did was put a tiny bit of water in to reform the curls on top but Im really happy with this because usually I can only get one day out of my curls.


How cute is the Zara top and it is on Sale!!!! Lip stick is Chanel Le Rouge Crayon in Cassis

If you get Lemons today paint them pink!

Southwest Senora!

This dress has some major southwest vibes so my Taco Truck purse goes perfect with it.    I think it runs big and long so I got a petite I’m 5’4″ for reference. My shoes are old but here is a similar pair or these.

The waist is actually embroidered!  I love details like that especially when it’s reasonably priced. Adios Amigas !!

Anniversary Dinner

Anniversary Dinner

I bought this Dress for a White party we were having on our trip but when I got it I thought it would also be perfect for our Anniversary.  You can also buy it here or here 


KAT_4242s I love the gorgeous collar detail.  Talbots has a similar look on a shell top hereKAT_4246s

I get a lot of compliments on my necklaces the bow is from Tiffany and Co (5th anniversary present) and the pendant and earrings are Hearts on Fire ( I just changed out the chain to rose gold).  


Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

I had this grande idea to show pictures of me playing with the boys and to share the story below but that didn’t work out too well.  We had some unexpected weekend things pop up and the reality was boys crying in pictures and Jaden throwing shoes at my head.

Today was full of boys crying and ended with me upset.  I sometimes feel like I’m on an island when I look around and see families out having fun and I’m just saying “stop, no, don’t do that, don’t hit each other……” It was a rough day but I wouldn’t trade these boys for anything.  My Pink Lemon today is, they are a mess but I am thankful for them.  KAT_3201f




Kate spade Dress, Kate Spade Lydia Heels and still by found at random stores HereCamera Purse

My Mother

Have you ever messed up so bad and you thought “oh man where do I go from here?”  I think most moms can say they’ve messed up at least once, but I want to tell you a story about my mother who unfortunately fell victim to the horrible problem of drug addiction.  She subsequently lost custody of all three of her children. I was nine at the time my sister was 14 and my younger sister was only four. The hardest part of the story was that while I was excited to live with my Dad since I didn’t really have a relationship with him, my mother lost custody because she didn’t show up to court.  For a nine-year-old that rejection seed was planted so deep that I didn’t even realize it until very recently.

At about the age of 23 I decided that it was time to forgive her, or so I thought.  A few years later I messed up really bad…. it took that poor decision to realize that anybody can mess up at any time and who am I to not to forgive her.  I would say that I probably truly forgave her about 8 years ago and our relationship grew a little.  Two years ago we had a pretty bad falling out because she wasn’t really seeming like she want to be a part of the kids lives or my life.  Looking back I’m sure she felt really bad about the decisions she’d made and couldn’t forgive herself for them.  I’m glad to say that the summer before she passed away (and she passed away just last year) she came and stayed with me for a week. I look back at that week over and over and over again and wish that I had 100 more of those weeks to make up for all the lost time. This week make sure you show your mom you love her, even if you’re in a bad place. Moms sure do deserve a little bit of grace. My Mother’s bad habits were lemons and God painted them pink because she has become one of the best examples I have in my life.  Her Death was a sudden 4 month battle with Cancer.  I saw so many characteristics of the strong women she probably was before her addictions changed her.  She was so Brave, so Courageous, so Loving, so Beautiful.  I just wished I would have known all of that before I lost her.

(My older sister is on the top and I’m next to my mother)fullsizeoutput_4bc2