The Disney Experience

While prepping for our trip to Disney World I can’t think about the little boy that I saw at the Orlando airport on our way back just last week from a work trip there was probably about 100 people in the area and he was having pretty bad tantrum similar to those that Jaden has.  These kind of tantrums are pretty much uncontrollable, there’s nothing you can do to make the screaming stop what you get very frustrated.

This boy was carrying on with what I think was his grandparents I kept telling myself to mind my own business,  but as I saw strangers looking,  several laughing and giving looks of disapproval.  I thought, you know what if that was me… [which it was a couple years ago at a Disney park] so against my better judgment and using God’s prompting I went over and asked if I could offer of help.  He stopped crying and focused on what I was saying.  I’m not telling you this to tut my own horn because I was there about three years ago on a Disney trip, Jaden was having a major major down on the bus on the way back to the Grande Floridian.  Greg was not with us because he’s been injured by one of Jaden’s tantrums just before our trip.  A couple stepped in to help me restrain him as he was violently ripping my hair out and punching me. It had gotten so bad that he worked his way out of his diaper and was screaming uncontrollably with pee going everywhere  that stranger stepped in and offered a hand and I’ll remember that face for the rest my life because I was so distraught, so embarrassed and helpless.  I guess the Pink Lemon today is YOU!  You can be someones light today!  You never know what someone is dealing with so instead of offering up at judgmental Stare or Snicker maybe offer up for helping hand. Even a sweet word or simple smile can go a long way.  I want to share some pictures of our Trip to Pandora World of Avator but first here are a few of our Planning Tips based on staying at Disney Properties that have worked out pretty good.  We will go to Disney will the kids next week and I will share more!

#1 Don’t over plan your day-  Ive found (this will be our 7th Trip with the kids)  that if the day is too planned out I get stressed trying to make sure we stay of schedule.

#2 Get a Meal plan if you can-  We have always used one our family trip.  When Greg and I have gone on a weekend even just doing the Quick Service and one Big meal we spent a lot.  This Year we are only doing the Disney Dining plan (we usually do the Deluxe)  We switched because its only one sit down meal per day and I think that most of our problems were from the kids having to sit for a full service meal (plus tipping gets pretty pricey)

#3 Pack as light as possible for the plan ride if you are flying- we try to fit everything in one carryon then we each check a bag with Disney Magic Express (they take your bag straight to the hotel

#4 Don’t Stay at the park all day!!!!  I can’t stress this enough,  I see families fighting all the time because they are hot, worn out and irritated.   We go in the morning at about 8 or 9 then we stay till about lunch time and head back to the resort.  The older boys swim and Jaden and Greg Nap (he gets grumpy too).  Then at Dinner time we head back to a park.KAT_4444


Disney Sponsored us to go to the Media opening of Pandora World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and to see the new Fireworks Spectacular “Happily Ever After”.  As I expected they hosted a phenomenal event!  One of the Disney Ambassadors told me during an interview that Disney has an acronym for their guests, every guest is a VIP (Very Important Person)!


These are “Disney Super Fans” we interviewed for our Radio Show.

KAT_4372.jpgPandora itself was amazing!  My Shorts are from Zara here and my favorite top of the summer here on sale at JCrew.


My shorts can be found here  and Mickey Mouse Keds are on sale

***Spoiler Alert*** The Flight of Passage Ride is hands down my favorite ride at all the parks, I rode it four times during the preview.  I think the middle couple seats were my favorite (seats 5 and 6 particularly)  When you first get on your Banshee, you can feel it breathing against your legs.  As you take flight you can feel the cool breeze in your face.  As you fly over the water you get the spray of the waves and then the smell of the trees as you go over land again.  my favorite part is as you go over land you smell dirt.  You go into a cave and it gets cool again and so calming as this fresh scent takes over.  It really is a Journey!  KAT_4325

The Na’vi River Journey is pretty cool too here is a our Mounted Camera ride.

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Thats all for now!  Ill be sharing our family trip next week!


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