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Ive been trying to do this post for a couple of weeks for the people who were asking but, its been CRAZY!!!  Running a business and keeping up with 3 little boys is a daily challenge but, I think we have finally caught up from vacation.  Im definitely not a pro but I have gotten to consistent makeup results even though I still get “bad makeup days”  kinda like bad hair days lol!

Here goes….

No makeup,  Ive gotten these dark spots over the last couple of years and I know a chemical peel will help but I only do intense skin treatments in the winter (less likely to have a problem from the sun).  I use a Beauty Blender or my Makeup Forever foundation brush for my Ultra HD Liquid Foundation.  Seriously this is the best foundation hands down….ever!!!!  I use their smoothing primer after my Chanel Moisturizer (has no fragrance) and before the foundation.  Tarte Shape Tape concealer is a new found favorite for me I haven’t used any other concealer that sticks as well


A little bit goes a long way,  I mix a red and yellow for my skin but I use one pump at a time but use about a total of 3 pumps.  (With the brush you have to do it in thin layers or you will get streaks).  Next I do my eyebrows (sometimes I do them first) the trick here is to use a thin brush and I love the Anastasia DipBrow.  Lots of patience make the perfect brows.  I make small hair strokes one at a time.  No one tells you this but when you hit 30 you start losing them and magically they grow on your chin…smh!



The Reason I skip to my eyebrows before finishing my face is to give the foundation a chance to settle in before I contour.  I like a dewy look on my face so don’t do a lot of finishing powder I just bake under my eyes (which you will see soon).  I use Anastasia Powder contour kit. I use Nars blushes, Orgasm and Desire are my favorite hues.


Ok I have a eyeshadow palette obsession but currently I love my Tartiest Pro Amazonian Clay Palette, it has so many great colors in it!


If you don’t have this brush go get it….the Sephora Pro Crease.KAT_5064

Ive been baking under my eyes for 2 years now (before it had a name lol)  I love how the Brightening Powder my Laura Mercier gives them an extra boost.  I have tried several brands and this one is the best in my opinion.


I love this mascara by Chanel.  Don’t I make the craziest faces putting my makeup on…I should do an outtake blog post….Big fail!  You have to use the base too it makes a big difference!  Finally I do a subtle red lip typically, this is a great liner (#98) and my favorite lipstick ever is Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle (434)


If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask!


I love that makeup is another way to be artistic.  It definitely gives me confidence as I get older. I don’t think women need makeup to be beautiful but I do think it just adds to our femininity! 

6 thoughts on “Makeup Routine

  1. I love love love makeup.I don’t wear it as muchm because Iam in my home 90%.So, I wear it on weekends and when I go out with my hubby for sure. You are so right Kristen about it adding to our femininity.

    1. You are beautiful inside and out ms. carol. Oh I meant to tell you jaden said when is that lady gonna watch me that bought me pop tarts lol…. I didn’t know what he was taking about then he said you know she had me at her house when you were gone lol!

  2. I have been looking for a new foundation. I will take a look at the products listed above. My make up routine has to change as I hit the 40+ crowd. 😉 Thank you for the tips.

    1. Yes I do have to avoid my lines or I just wipe the product where my smile lines are but baking the lines with the translucent product helps

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