Keep Me Beautiful

Makeup should be an enhancement, not something to fix your flaws.  Don’t get me wrong, I have struggled with insecurities over the years but, deep down I know that’s its purpose.  I have really been thinking about how we as women are so critical of ourselves and each other.  I did a video in my stories on the way over to Mukha Spa and Custom Cosmetics and talked a little bit about the fact that we shouldn’t be afraid to be seen without makeup on.


Tim Maurer and I have crossed paths many times over the past several years when we are at the TV Station for our Businesses and I finally wanted to give his Salon a try.  I knew he had great products but truthfully I am always worried about getting my makeup done because. #1 my skin is sensitive and #2 I am always worried I will end up looking like a clown.  Some of those makeup counters in the mall seriously scare me and if I ever look that extra please call me out.  But seriously changing our routine is hard with anything but I think especially for hair and makeup.  Tim generously offered to set me up to try his salon out and let me just say I am a genuine raving fan.  When you do things as right as they do its no wonder they are so successful.  Several things stood out to me that the staff said about Tim, he has a great heart and that he likes things done right.  My appointment started with a style with Damon,who really gave me a consultation before he got started and answered a lot of questions that I had.  What I especially loved about the finished product is that he styled it similar to how I do so that made me feel like Im on track.  He also told me some helpful advice.  I asked him about the length of my hair and his response was very honest. He said its not an impactful length, he would take it up to my shoulders and give it a WOW cut or he would help me grow length into it and I thought he was spot on.  I think sometimes we go in to a salon and they ask us how we feel but they don’t always give suggestions or maybe we don’t ask them to give us any, but YOU SHOULD!  I always say, “let the artist be an artist.”


After my hair I sat down with Sierra and Megan for my makeup appointment and OH MY GOODNESS!  I am completely obsessed with the products that they have.  Tim has created all of the products used and they are natural.  When I washed my face the next day my skin felt dramatically different.  I can’t even explain it, it just felt clean.  He custom blends eyeshadows and lipglosses.  I didn’t have time to shop after but I will be back when I have time to narrow down what I want because I seriously could have just said give me one of everything.  Just to prove how serious I am about his stuff….I didn’t buy anymore of my “favorite foundation” because when I run out Im going to be making the switch!

The look of one happy customer that will be back again to this awesome salon in the Short North area of Columbus.


This sweater is so comfy and on sale!


Feeling Confident and ready to take on my day!  Thanks so much Tim!


Services provided complimentary by Mukha Spa and review is based on my opinion and experience. I was not compensated monetarily to give this review.

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