Dinner Help – Chicken Fusilli

I really want to take time in the next couple of weeks to shoot some of my go to quick meals because I love cooking and concocting new recipes but lets get real…Im a busy mom so during the week I just don’t have time to think out an interesting meal most of the time. Its really important to me that we have meal time as a family and I like to include my boys in on the cooking. Hello Fresh took note of that and generously sent me a few of their meal items to try and I have to admit I’ll be asking my husband if we can sign up for at least 2 of these a week. The first Recipe I made was a real hit in my home. The first night I made Chicken Fusilli with roasted Vegetables. This dish only took me 30 minutes to prepare and it was so easy.

The Directions are so easy to follow

I have bought other Subscription meals before so I was already a fan of them. If you think about it, the per serving cost for Hello Fresh’s Family plan is under $8 a serving and you can’t hardly get a fast food meal for that anymore so I really feel like its a good value. Its obviously not the same cost of grocery shopping for yourself but hey thats the cost of convenience. Weigh your grocery budget if you haven’t already (sorry there’s that financial advisor hat) and I bet you would find this is not a bad option for some variety as well as convenience. Im not going to post all the steps because their website gives you all of the ingredients and steps here. I love that it comes all packaged up in a cold pack box and you can store it for a couple days or take it right out and start cooking. So if you are only getting their small 2 meal per week plan you can spread them out a couple of days. I have already made the sauce in another dish that I made on my own because my boys loved it so much. I think what I love most about Hello Fresh is that it inspires me to make more interesting meals on my own. So if you are an avid foodie or you are over there saying girl I can’t even bake some plain chicken. They’ve got you covered!

The only ingredients that I needed to have on hand for this recipe were
salt, pepper and olive oil.
Finished Chicken Fusilli

Pro: You will eat real food and your family will think you are a genius master chef (if you hide the recipe card and box, contact me if you need help with that Im a pro at hiding boxes that come in)

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