Let’s talk Investment Pieces- Belts

Ok normally when you hear Investment you think money (especially coming from a financial professional). But I thought I would highlight a few items that I think are great long term buys versus things that maybe too trendy to spend a boatload on.

Exhibit A: a Great Belt (That doesn’t have to mean expensive)

Up until last year my go to was my 15 year old Navy Brooks Brothers Belt that was very similar to the one that Im linking below, as well as a Gold buckle Salvatore Ferragamo Belt that I actually purchased at an outlet (similar also linked).  

Belt worn with L’agence Margot Jeans

Even though I have found several statement leather belts for under $60 at Talbots and other various stores those are the basics that I still wear.  I think that a great belt puts the polishing touch on any look. My husband purchased me a couple of Gucci Belts so Ill link those as well with less expensive similar ones. If you are going to be taking a trip to Italy, budget in a designer piece because if its a designer like Gucci or Ferragamo the price can be 25-30% less depending on the area you are in (this is because of the fact that they are produced right there). Another way that I make guilt free Luxury purchases is by saving up my credit card rewards. I have one card that all of our personal stuff goes on that I get airline miles for vacation and I have another card that I save up rewards and get gift cards for shopping money.

Belt and Skirt
Jeans / Top (similar) / Belt / Shoes


Color: I would stick with classic colors like black, navy or tan if you are going to spend a large amount on a belt. They definitely elevate even the simplest outfit and are flexible as to what you can wear them with.

Sizing: Gucci Belts are fixed for the most part so its kind of hard with my shape to get on that will fit high waisted for cinching a dress as well as a pair of low cut jeans. I had an extra hole punched in my Crystal Belt so that I could wear it either way. I took my Pearl one back and just got a smaller size so that I could wear it mostly with hight waisted jeans. There are some brands that the leather is adjustable so you can cut it down to size, this comes in handy if you find a good deal on a belt. The Ferragamo belt I have was 4 sizes too big but was marked down below $100 so I just cut it down and you would never know.

Style: Be you! I honestly don’t fit into a style mold so sometimes I am bold and other times I am very classic and timeless. I have been wearing big Bold buckles for almost 20 years (I still have my Ralph Lauren Gold buckle belts that I wear every once in a while). If you aren’t comfortable with bold then look at some that don’t have a logo in your face but are sharp and timeless like the first couple that I posted. Hope that helps

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