It’s a Bright and Cloudy day

Do you every get depressed in the winter because its cold, dark and just plain blahhh out? Well today I was actually truly inspired by the morning. I looked outside and it was so bright and cheery with the snow falling that I had to run out and just soak it in. I was truly inspired and encouraged by the winter weather.

Custom Beenie by Brianna Liuzzo of Etcetera Handmade Goods

After really thinking about it I thought, you know the snow was my weather encourager today. I think that the Lord gives us nature to lift our spirits sometimes but we also need people. My friends are that for me. I have a circle of them that are always rooting me on…Julie, Jessica, Maggie…and many more including my little online community friends. Today I wanted to highlight one in particular, even though we don’t get to talk a lot with our busy schedules, Brianna Liuzzo is one of my Encouragers. She is the most supportive girl and is always servant minded. If you like my Beenie please go encourage her and buy one from her. I think women in particular have a really hard time lifting each other up. I wrote about this here so I won’t harp on it but I truly believe that the most beautiful women are those that can lift there fellow sista up.

Tatum Skirt by Lissa of 724
I love how versatile this skirt is, you can dress it up or down (which I kind of did both here) You can read all about her but a portion of sales benefit Childhood Cancer (how cool!)
The North Face Parka
Gucci GG Marmont Small Bag
My Hunter Boots are old and had a strap on them that I broke (similar here with these)

Go find someone to encourage today and maybe you will find encouragement through them!

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