Lady Like

Hi, I'm still alive...Lots going on with my business in the last few months but I'm back! I have been a long time follower Gal meets Glam by Julia Engel, more of from a distance early on because I was traveling so much and thought her travel content was awesome.  When i found out that [...]

Casual Friday 

I have totally completely been MIA from my blog the last month but I promise it will get better.  I looked busted for like 2 weeks from a stupid summer cold...then my husband and I were super busy with plans at our practice...then my dog ate my seriously we had a lot happening and [...]

I just got a chance to look at what Nordstrom had for the Anniversary Sale.  Some of my favorite pieces are below.  I only ordered a couple to things, I will post them with they come in! These are my favorites for work (they really have a great variety of price points on the sale) [...]