A Much Needed Refresh

Today was probably one of the most fun days I’ve had with my husband in a while. We got up early and went Golfing at the Punta Espada Golf Club in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We have always tried to support each others hobbies but golf was one that had been frustrating me. I started taking lessons with the Golf Pro, Matt Smith at The Pinnacle Golf Course in Grove City, OH.  In just 3 lessons he has made it much more fun for me.

There were a couple of sentiments that I had today.

#1 Greg, my husband is my best friend.

#2 He is my biggest cheerleader, seriously pompoms and all!!!!

#3 He is one of the most encouraging and positive people I know!

I am so thankful to God for the Friend that I have in my husband, because it has always been hard for me to make good friends. I have had my fair share of “Mean Girls” in my life and recently even had a “Mean Moms” incident.  I was talking to a friend on this trip and we both agreed if we spend less time thinking about what we don’t have and more about what God has blessed us with our lives, marriages and parenting will be so much more on point!

We met this really sweet couple at dinner that came over and said they noticed us praying together and they were encouraged as newlyweds to see that.  It was so sweet to see a young couple understanding that they need Jesus at their center.

Here are a few shots from the day!

My Caddy Roberto was awesome,  he joked with us and really was a fantastic guy.  The other caddy for our foursome laughed when Greg took this picture and said, “Cafe et crema”.  A lot of the Dominican people have thought I was from here.  I even had some come up and speak Spanish to me.  When I told them I wasn’t and that I am mixed, black and white, the one guy said oh Michael Jackson.  I thought it was hilarious!  I always try to get to know people on our travels.  Roberto has 2 Children and our other Caddy was Juan, he has 4 children.  They work very hard and travel far to work at the course.  Ill be praying for them to continue making Golf loads of fun for people like me.

Greg and I came back to our Resort Secrets and got ready for dinner.


But first Coffee


My top is from Talbots and also comes in pink, it is perfect for a breezy evening…very light weight!  Of course I had to get these Jack Rogers sandals when my friend Emily of (Laugh Live and Shop) sent me the link.  These sandals also come in blue and Im not gonna lie I kinda want blue too😊


Sorry but you will see one more pair of these shorts in a couple days.  They are so cute and I love them in every color.  The pink are going fast so grab your size if you can.


I Love novelty bags and this Camera Bag is my favorite so far.  I also have the Camera iPhone case which is currently on sale.  I love the lipstick I’m wearing in this picture.  its Lorac Matte Lip Color in Mauve and my eyes have a magical unicorn look with Tarte Make Believe in Yourself  palette.


We are a little red, I was gonna color correct it but I guess it shows how much fun we had  in the sun today and thats ok…also perfect is boring!

8 thoughts on “A Much Needed Refresh

  1. I love the pictures of your refreshing good time.You look very nice and the picture of both of you is awesome.

  2. Great pictures Kristin. You look great! (Greg,too). Glad you’re having a wonderful time.

  3. It looks like you are having an amazing time! You look gorgeous and so put together, as usual! Enjoy the rest of your trip! (P.S. I can’t imagine why anyone would feel the need to be mean to you…. You are such a genuinely kind person 😘.)

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