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So lets talk about natural hair!  I had big bouncy curls as a child and then when I was 10 I was taken to get my first relaxer….BIG MISTAKE!  I continued getting relaxers till about 7 years ago when I met Becky at the Kenneth’s in Dublin.  She convinced me to grow the relaxers out and I am so glad that I did because honestly I still had to flat iron my hair when I wanted it straight but now I don’t have all of the chemical damage.  I don’t think I have the best curls but thats what the good Lord gave me to work with so I have just learned to embrace it.

The only downside to going natural is that when the humidity is high there is no keeping my hair straight….it just gets puffy.   July is usually super hot in Ohio so I was on the hunt recently for a new curly product to use.  I am mixed so typically products for Caucasian hair don’t work that great for me but on the flip side some Black hair products are too heavy.  Whats a girl to do!  I saw Ouidad at Ulta and instantly the Marketing compelled me because of the diversity they showed in the models!  I walked out with these three products as well as a shampoo sample pack just incase I didn’t like it.  I have kinky curls but I also bought the beach wave foam.


Wave Create, Curl Immersion, Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask, and The Trial Kit

My process was to wash and apply the Melt Down Mask for 30 min.  Then I rinsed with cold water and applied the Immersion section by section and dry with a defuser attached to my GHD Dryer .  Here is the finished look,  I will say that if I do curls for a week usually the curls get better after a couple washes. The pic makes them look a little frizzy but they really aren’t its just back lit.

KAT_6582 copy.jpg

Old Kate Spade Dress, my shoes are Classic Salvatore Ferragamo Kala pumps in Navy which are fairly hard to find but I did see that Zappos has some right now.  Usually Bloomingdales restocks them.

Here is a pic from today all I did was put a tiny bit of water in to reform the curls on top but Im really happy with this because usually I can only get one day out of my curls.


How cute is the Zara top and it is on Sale!!!! Lip stick is Chanel Le Rouge Crayon in Cassis

If you get Lemons today paint them pink!

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  1. This has definitely related to me as well. Like you humidity is very trying in the summertime. In fact, I’m wearing flat twists today. I have a hard time embracing my curls and with my hair I don’t have one specific curl, it just seems to be all over the place. I have a spiral curl, a relaxed curl and a kinky curl all combined, this makes it very hard to go with the curly look for me. As you, I spent many years relaxing my hair, it was more for frizz control, however about 5 years ago I put my last relaxer in, a few days later I was left with three inches on the top of my head. Yes, the relaxer broke my hair off so bad that I was left with a boy style… with today’s technology in hair products, especially with the mixed hair products, more and more people are moving towards the natural look without the harsh chemicals. I definitely have a long way to go and maybe, just maybe I will embrace my curls and quit flat ironing my hair even if it’s for a day.

    1. Yes I have the same thing I have beautiful ringlet on the bottom(of course where you can’t see them lol), my front is kinda straight and I have this weird section at my crown that’s thick and wirey but this product really helped

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